• DVD and Blu-Ray

    As the 3D paper glasses supplier of over 20 major motion picture releases, American Paper Optics has staked its claim as the world leader in 3D paper glasses for DVD, Blu-Ray, and video on demand.

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  • TV and Events

    From the Super Bowl to the Grammys®, our exclusive optics and expert marketing consulting means that American Paper Optics is the only one-stop choice for the manufacturing and distribution of glasses for 3D TV and Events.

  • Publications

    Over 300 publications, from small town newspapers to the highest circulating magazines, have relied on American Paper Optics to consult, design, and manufacture the perfect 3D insert to bring their publication to life in 3D.

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  • Custom Plastic Glasses

    American Paper Optics offers a wide variety of durable 3D plastic glasses in a multitude of optical applications for theatrical, television, theme park attractions, multi-media displays, website, print viewing and much more.

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  • Toys and Games

    American Paper Optics has teamed with some of the largest toy and game manufactures in the world to come up with new and innovative ways to bring 3D to this specialized market.

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  • Direct Mail

    With phenomenal results, American Paper Optics delivers the newest and hippest ways to have your direct mail campaign stand up, jump out, and get noticed with our interactive 3D solutions.

  • Packaging

    We have manufactured millions of 3D glasses and viewers made for every type of product packaging application. Our amazing optical solutions can be used as in-pack or on-pack premium items and add a new level of interactivity to your products.

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  • Retail

    Light up your impulse sales and easily double your ROI with our amazing line of retail 3D glasses! Become a retailer today and see your profit margin soar into the next dimension!

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Over 2 Billion Success Stories & Counting!

After manufacturing well over TWO BILLION paper 3D glasses in our 25 year history, we are confident we can satisfy whatever 3D need you have. As the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of 3D products, we are your one stop source for ANYTHING 3D. An endless variety of frames and specialty optics make it easy for you to achieve your custom 3D project. Cutting edge technologies such as ChromaDepth®, Polarized 3D, Eclipse Glasses, and Holospex® (to name a few) will take your project to the next dimension. If you can imagine it, we can do it. It’s 3D glasses done your way!